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Glass Repairs

Double-glazing sealed units misting up or showing condensation in-between the 2 panes.

Once you have misty double-glazed sealed units:

In the trade we say that the double-glazed sealed unit has ‘broken down`. This means that the perimeter edge seal has lost its integrity and that it is letting in moisture somewhere. I would like to point out at this stage that the perimeter edge seal is not the black rubber seals that you can visibly see at both sides of the Double-Glazed Unit. The unit has its own seal which you cannot see once it has been installed. The moisture is hard to spot at first, sometimes becoming visible only as the Sun or another heat source draws the moisture up.Typically,the moisture will be drawn in as the atmospheric pressure changes, and it will build up, eventually condensing into water inside the sealed unit.

What you can do about misted-up (Condensed) double-glazed sealed units:

The only answer is to replace the double-glazed sealed units with new ones. That means no alteration or disruption to the framework as the glass sealed unit is designed to be removable and replaceable. Trying to separate the glass panes to clean them is not practical as the sealed unit is factory made with the panes bonded together with the aluminium spacer bar. In timber windows it will be more time consuming to replace the unit as the butyl compound (looks like putty) can become very hard over the years and the existing glass can be more difficult to remove. Richard Singleton will fix new sealed units into timber frames on glazing tape and not butyl compound as this will significantly increase the lifespan of the new unit.

The job of replacing the new panes is quick, with no mess and in 99% of jobs; the curtains do not even need removing. Were the panes have leaded strips stuck on the glass or the Georgian bar in-between the glass we can replicate them exactly.

Here are some failed leaded units with clear ones as the lead obstructed such a nice view.(photo before and after)


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Replacing misted glass to match the existing

Even if you have special glass, patterned glass or different lead size and colours we can provide a perfectly matching replacement to all window styles and designs. We can also provide advice on how to upgrade your glass to improve home insulation or to enhance the security of a window. Many people are also worried that the window condensation repair will take time. KL Window Doctor are a team of experts and average 10 to 30 minutes for repair to misted glass or blown double glazing. Because we replace the pane and not the frame the job is often a very quick process with a minimum amount of disruption.

So if you notice moisture inside windows, condensation in the windows, misty glass or foggy glass then give us a call today and we will give you simple and honest advice. We want to restore your windows with a simple and affordable solution 

We offer our window condensation repair services to household and commercial properties. We can replace the glass on any uPVC, aluminium, curtain walling and timber windows. We can replace the glass on any make of windows, past and present systems.

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