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Cat and Dog Flaps 

The most common are cat flaps, but flaps for smaller dogs can also be fitted, while for larger dogs the options are more limited. Cat and smaller dog flaps can be fitted in glass or flat plastic panels. 

'Micro' ship - Sureflap 

The Sureflap is the leading brand for cat flaps compatible with the cat’s microchip. Aftercare stock, supply and fit these in both glass and panels. 

Cat/Dog mate 

The ‘Petmate’ range are well established and Aftercare stock, supply & fit the standard glass fitting Catmate, which is also suitable for small dogs, and can be installed in panels as well as glass. 

In glass 

Most cat / small dog flaps can be installed in glass, but this does require a new glazed unit. (Holes cannot be cut into existing units). Prices thus depend upon the size of the glass. 

In panel 

Cat and dog flaps can be installed in flat panels in doors. They cannot be fitted into doors with decorative panels. A panel can be used to replace glass if appropriate to size and location – appearance, loss of light etc. 

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