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door hinge repairs

Like much hardware, door hinges are many and varied. Where a hinge is worn or broken, we will try to replace like for like if possible, but where an exact match is not available, it may be necessary to replace all the hinges on the door to match, both for function and appearance. 

door handle repairs

We fit a wide range of DOOR HANDLES. We stock mostly white, but depending on type, matt silver, matt gold, bright silver (chrome), bright gold are available. 

BUT please be aware that there are many different designs and will often be specific to the door lock, which may limit choice. 

We will always take care to match existing handles when replacing damaged ones, whenever possible. 

Please note that some handles are ‘sprung’ i.e. they have their own springs to make them return to the horizontal position. Others have no independent spring action and rely on springs within the lock, thus if your handlers are ‘limp’, the problem could be with the lock. 

For those with reduced hand movement or strength, a variant of handle with longer lever may be suitable. 

door knockers&viewers

Knockers come in a variety of styles and finishes, generally aimed at matching letterbox and door handles. However, not all manufacturers provide finishes to match items from other manufacturers; thus depending on your specific requirements, matching may not always be possible. 

A door knocker can incorporate a VIEWER if required. Or a viewer can be fitted in it’s own right. Viewers can also be fitted at low level to suit disabled users. 

door lock repairs

Problems can arise for as number of reasons and show up in different ways. It is important to note any problems as soon as possible, as a small problem can develop into something more serious, which may affect your security, or leave you locked out. A door that doesn't lock easily will almost certainly deteriorate, so intervention as soon as possible is recommended. It is recommended that all moving components are lubricated a couple of times a year (more in coastal areas), this should help prevent many problems, but other common lock problems, are due to mis-alignment. This is best left to a professional to correct.

Problems with the lock itself again are best left to a professional, as there is vast rage of different door locks, which can fail in different ways. There is little similarity in the fit of the many variants. Aftercare can diagnose what/where the fault is, and what replacement may be required. With stock of many common types, we are able to affect a swift resolution in the event a lock failure resulting in your property being insecure.

Levels of security vary greatly. In the event an existing lock has failed, we would endeavour to replace like for like if possible. However, where like for like replacement is not readily available we will use our best endeavours to supply and fit an alternative, which matches or exceeds the security level of the original. Should you wish to upgrade the security level, or change to a different type of lock, please call us to arrange a visit to advice on what is possible in your particular circumstances

door panel repairs

uPVC front doors are frequently made using a central decorative panel. This panel may include one or several glazed panels within it. These uPVC panels and any glazed inserts are manufactured as a single unit. Thus any broken glazed units cannot be replaced individually. The entire panel would need to be replaced. 

Apart from any need to replace a damaged panel, you could if desired replace an entire panel to give your front door a fresh look. 


door trim repairs

Many doors have a trim between the frame and the wall on the inside and/or the outside. These serve to tidy up any irregularity of the plaster or brickwork etc. 

These will be pretty much maintenance free, but sometimes can come loose or be disfigured by years of redecoration etc.. 

We can fit completely new trim, or replace existing trim which can make a significant improvement to the appearance. They can also keep draughts at bay, where movement over the years, has caused joints to crack. 

letter box repairs

We can fit replacement letterboxes for the majority of situations, from stock. 
Colours available are: White, black, matt silver, matt gold. Bright gold and bright silver are available to order in some sizes. 

sticking door repairs

These can ‘creep up on you’ as they can progress from a very minor issue that you barely notice, then as they get gradually worse you become ‘used to it’, until the day before you go on holiday, the door suddenly won’t lock at all! 

Don’t get caught out, give us a call, and we can probably save you time, money and anxiety later, by ‘nipping the problem in the bud’. 

As always, we will not ‘embroider’ a job. If it only needs lubricating, that’s what we’ll do, but if it needs replacing we’ll say so. 

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